Metal–polydopamine framework-derived (Co)/N doped carbon hollow nanocubes as efficient oxygen electrocatalysts


发表刊物:Sustainable Energy & Fuels

摘要:Oxygen electrocatalysis is of great significance for various energy conversion and storage-related applications. Herein, by using in situ polymerization of dopamine on specially designed metal–organic framework (MOF) nanocubes and subsequent annealing treatment, well-defined Co/N-doped carbon hollow nanocubes with high electrocatalytic activity and stability toward the oxygen evolution reaction are obtained. To attain a current density of 10 mA cm 2, the overpotential required for the Co/N-doped carbon hollow nanocubes is only 285 mV.......

合写作者:Yuanyuan Jiang; Kai Dong; Xiaoying Yan; Chuanxia Chen; Pengjuan Ni; Chang Yang; Yizhong Lu

通讯作者:Cheng Yang