Ynag Shuhua


With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

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Date of Employment:2015-10-01
Business Address:School of Materials Science and Engineering, 6J-406


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Shuhua Yang

Assistant Professor

Email: mse_yangsh@ujn.edu.cn
Phone: +86 18353132878
Office: 6J406

2011.9  to  2015.6
Shanghai Jiao Tong University | Materials Science and Engineering | Doctoral degree
2008.9  to  2011.6
Lanzhou University of Technology | Materials Processing Engineering | Master's degree
2004.9  to  2008.6
Inner Mongol University of Technology | Metallic Materials Engineering | Bachelor's degree

2020.1  to  2021.1
新加坡南洋理工大学  |  数理学院  |  访问学者
2019.2  to  Now
材料科学与工程  |  副教授
2015.10  to  2019.1
材料科学与工程  |  教师  |  讲师

(1) Preparation and application of new energy conversion and storage materials: graphene-based hybrid materials, bioderived activated carbon materials and their composites, supercapacitors, metal (lithium, zinc, sodium, etc.) ion batteries, solar cells, etc.;
(2) Preparation and application of high-efficiency anti-corrosion coating and self-cleaning coating: micro-nano modification strategy of material surface (electrostatic spinning, sol-gel film, electroless plating, electrochemical deposition, etc.)

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