中文主页 -研究概况

1. 设计与合成多孔纳米晶及其光催化产氢、二氧化碳还原及污染物降解性能研究;

Design and synthesis of porous nanocrystals and their photocatalytic properties for hydrogen production, carbon dioxide reduction and pollutant degradation;

2. 多孔电(光电)催化分解水、二氧化碳还原催化剂制备及性能研究;

Study on the preparation and properties of porous electrocatalytic water and carbon dioxide reduction catalysts;

3. 铁电、介电陶瓷及薄膜及其在通讯、能源存储领域应用。

Ferroelectric, dielectric ceramics and thin films and their applications in the fields of communication and energy storage.